Studying abroad has been a trend for quite a long time. However, going to school abroad before college is still not much to try. Are you interested in sending your child to school overseas? If you are still unsure, the following will convince you to send your child to study abroad at high school age.

The Right Time to Develop Language Deeper

According to the study, the period before the age of 17 is a period where children can speak fluent foreign languages ​​without accents. Choosing to study abroad since high school will make it easier for children to adapt to the English accent. For some people, the accent might not be that important. However, this will be very helpful when children continue their university-level abroad. Children will not be surprised and rigid because they have adapted since high school. One of the best schools that has an international curriculum is St Andrews International School Thailand.

Adapting to Different Learning Styles

You need to know that each country has a different learning style. When you choose to send your child abroad since high school, he will start to adapt faster. Adapting in terms of language, food, learning styles, and social interactions. When your child has graduated from high school, he will more easily adjust to university life. Generally, the educational climate at universities and high schools in the same country is not much different.

Broader Friendship Networks

Often we hear a saying, “The key to success wherever we are is a broad network.” By sending your child to school abroad, he will hang out with new friends who may come from many countries. It is where your child’s social skills will continue to develop.

Opportunities to Enter Top Universities

Lessons offered by schools abroad adjust to the country’s curriculum. Also, the education system abroad is different compared to where you live. Top universities certainly prioritize the graduates from excellent schools in first-world countries, for sure.

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