If you want to find a practical and definitive guide to get yourself an authentic sweatshirt for this winter, you have come to the right place. With the drop in temperatures, we already want to dress in warmer clothes and, among them, the queens are sweatshirts.

Practical, wearable and that we can combine with almost any look, sweatshirts are one of those basic that we must have in our wardrobe. This year, sweatshirts are a trend in their different shapes, cuts and designs, so we will have it easy to find our favorite sweatshirt.

More basic, with daring designs, with winter motifs or with trendy colors … this year we can find everything and get them at the best price. The big haute couture brands have already joined the fashion for vlone shorts, so we no longer have excuses not to wear them every day and dress fashionable at the same time.

All these designs and many more can be seen in this store, where, without a doubt, we will find our favorite sweatshirt. Next, we offer you a practical guide so that you can know first-hand the key tricks to get the best sweatshirt for this winter.

The cut of the sweatshirt

On this issue, this year there is controversy. Sometimes the extremes can become fashionable and two totally opposite cuts are simultaneously fashionable. Well, this is what happened this year with the cuts of sweatshirts.

On the one hand, we have the mini or crop cuts, above the navel, ideal to combine with jeans and very high-waisted pants, as well as with sports pants and a top. Although it may be a not very warm cut for low temperatures, we can combine it with a tight shirt underneath that covers our belly.

On the other hand, this year oversize shapes have also been going strong with which we can create more casual and youthful looks. In the same way, we can also combine them with tight jeans or pleated pants and we will have the perfect style for any day.

The trendy colors of the season

If you want to choose a good sweatshirt for this winter, the best thing you can do is look at the colors of the season. This season both cold and warm tones are worn, so we will have a wide range to choose from v lone.

Some colors that can serve as a reference to buy your sweatshirt this winter are bottle green, maroon or burgundy and mustard yellow. Choose a sweatshirt in these bolder colors or indulge in the classics in black or cream.

The best materials and designs for low temperatures

Winter can be the perfect excuse for us to indulge ourselves and buy ourselves a special and slightly more original garment. On the one hand, fabrics give us the opportunity to play with textures and, at the same time, keep warm. For example, sheepskin, hair or wool can be perfect both to create original looks and to keep you warm.

On the other hand, this year animal prints are in fashion, so it can also be the perfect occasion to put them on a sweatshirt: leopard, zebra, snake … This year everything is allowed so, have fun with your sweatshirts favorites.