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Nutrition For Strong and Healthy Hair

To keep Hair healthy and strong, we need to ‘take care of it’ from the inside. Consume various types of hair nutrients so that each strand is shiny and shiny. Nutrition for Hair is spread in various foods, so we need to eat a variety of healthy foods.

Hair nutrition that can be consumed regularly

What are the nutrients for Hair that we can consume? Here goes the list.

1. Vitamin A

All parts of the body cells, including Hair, need vitamin A to grow and develop. Hair tissue is actually one of the fastest-growing tissues.

In addition, vitamin A also helps the skin glands produce an oily compound called sebum. Sebum is also found on the scalp and helps moisturize the Hair.

You can eat healthy foods that are a source of beta-carotene, substances that are later converted into vitamin A by the body. Some beta-carotene sources, namely:

  • Carrot

Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Furniture is the most important component to fill a home. Furniture is used, so the house is not quite, empty, and have an aesthetic impression. The presence of furniture in the house is considered very important. Moreover, furniture is also has a different function.

Lots of people use furniture as a decorative element to beautify the layout of the house. One furniture manufacture that can add to the aesthetic impression of your room is Before choosing furniture that fits your home, you should consider the following:

1. Furniture Size

Before buying furniture, it is better first to adjust the size and condition of the room. Although the shape is aesthetic, it doesn’t mean you can buy it right away if the room you have can’t load the furniture. If your room is minimalist, choose a variety of small to medium-sized furniture so that the room is not cramped …

4 Best Tile for Comfortable Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the private rooms in our house. Surely we want a bathroom that is comfortable and clean. Although it may be located in a hidden part of the house, but there’s nothing wrong if we give an aesthetic touch in every corner. One of the big influences on the aesthetics of our bathroom is the ceramics. When building a comfortable dream bathroom, make sure you choose the right tile. Ceramics, porcelain, and vinyl may be the first three that cross your mind. Reason one: it is practical. However, you should know that besides the three types of tiles, there are still several types of tiles that you can use as a reference. Here are some tiles that you can use for your bathroom:

Stone Tiles

Stone tile used to be on the terrace or certain parts of the house. Lately, stone tiles in family rooms and …

5 Motorbike Equipment You Must Bring When Driving

You who use motorbike every day are essential to be careful when driving on the road. Moreover, motorized vehicles are one that is prone to accidents on the highway. Motorcycle is indeed one of the bikes that is flexible and can be faster to the destination.

As a motorbike rider, of course, you must obey traffic signs and wear safety equipment when driving a motorcycle.

The following are the safety standards that must exist when riding a motorcycle.


You cannot leave this one. Helmets are mandatory items that must be used while driving. Use an international standard helmet so that you can provide good protection while you ride on a motorcycle.

Use Shoes and Socks

When driving, using socks and shoes are things to note. Use shoes with thick material to protect you from collisions and make your trip safer and more comfortable. To buy a quality shoe, you …

Tips Before Buying a Vespa

Vespa is a dream motor for some people. How come? The design of the Vespa that is offered by Vespa attracts attention. But it cannot be used as a benchmark in buying Vespa, make sure also the engine and quality of Vespa are comparable to the model and price.

Therefore, before you, Vespa motor also consider the following things:

1. Have a Vespa Community Friend

Before you buy Vespa, you also need to know the ins and outs of the types of Vespa, price, treatment, and other aspects. By asking your friends who understand Vespa, it will certainly help you in choosing a model and buy it.

2. Search the Internet

If you are shy to ask directly to the Vespa community, you can use the internet and social networking as an alternative. Find information about Vespa specifications and reviews on the internet. You can also join the Vespa children’s …