Physical and Health Requirements To be a flight attendant

Age of Candidate Stewardess

The minimum age requirement for flight attendants is different from one airline to another.

In a number of airlines such as Lion Air, for example, the minimum age is 18 years. The maximum time for registration is 25 years for Lion Air and 27 years for Garuda Indonesia

However, generally ranging from 19-21 years, or the ages after graduating from high school. Airline companies are looking for fresh graduated flight attendants whose adult mentality is just forming so they are easier to direct.

These inexperienced fresh graduated people are even more daring to ask questions if something is not understood because of their passionate work spirit.

And they have the courage to take risks. Meanwhile, the maximum age when registering to become a flight attendant also varies between 23-27 years.

Proportional Height and Weight Height

Beautiful, tall and slim, that’s the first impression when we see the flight attendants. But not only that, sometimes flight attendants are asked to load items in the baggage compartment.

Then the flight attendant must have a wide arm reach to help him. Because that’s the importance of the height of the flight attendants who can help their performance.

So there is a minimum height limit for flight attendants, namely 160 cm with their body weight adjusting for their height.

With a height of 160 cm, the ideal body weight is 50-52 kg, the formula for BMI (Body Mass Index).


The formula for BMI (Body Mass Index, the unit used to measure ideal body weight) is = body weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared. So, weight / (height x height). The eligible BMI is 19–24.9. If you have a problem with your weight, proven pills reviews are the right solution for those of you who have problems with your weight.

Sleeve length

On Qatar Airways flights, a flight attendant is required to have a minimum arm length of 84 inches (213 centimeters) when on tiptoe.

This condition will be very useful when you have to close your cabin baggage

Waist size

Actually there are no specific requirements regarding the waist circumference of a flight attendant, as long as their weight is proportional. Why should a flight attendant try to be slim? That’s because their bodies have to fit through the emergency windows. And last but not least, flight attendants must be able to sit on their special seats without seat belts.